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175,000+ Ticket Sales Yearly

Your ad will be displayed before every movie in every theatre and in the main lobby area.

Captive Audience

Your ad will have the full attention of the theatre audience.

Big Return on Investment

Dollar for dollar, your brand on the big screen outperforms most marketing tactics.

How Much is it to Advertise at Wolf Theatres?

Advertising at a theatre is extremely effective but usually expensive and with complicated sign-up processes. A quick Google search will show you that our prices won’t even cover a month in some theatres. At Wolf Theatres, we make advertising on the big screen cost-effective & easy so you can see a return on your investment even if you’ve never advertised in a theatre before.

30 Seconds

$ 2750
  • Ad shown before all movies in all theatres
  • Ad played in the lobby area on a loop

45 Seconds

$ 3250
  • Most Popular
  • Ad shown before all movies in all theatres
  • Ad displayed in the lobby area on a loop

60 Seconds

$ 3750
  • Ad shown before all movies in all theatres
  • Ad displayed in the lobby area on a loop

What is the Process to Get My Ad At Wolf Theatres?

Advertising at Wolf Theatres is easy. Put together an ad, buy the time slot, and upload the video – we’ll take care of the rest and let you know when it’s up and running.

1. Get a Video Ad Ready

Have a favorite videographer or already have a video you want to use? Great! Those can be edited to fit one of the ad slots. Need an ad shot? Work with our preferred video vendor.

2. Request an Ad Agreement

Get an agreement sent over with the details of your new advertising package with Wolf Theatres. Check it over to make sure everything looks good.

3. Watch Your Ad on the Big Screen

Once you've reviewed the agreement and paid securely online, your ad will be uploaded and viewable on the big screen by your selected "live" date.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a video does not come with an advertising slot purchase. We want to allow our potential customers to use their favorite videographer to show their brand on the big screen. If you need a video made or need a video edited to fit one of the timeslots, we do have a preferred video vendor you can work with. You can view his work and reach out to him here.

You should buy the one that will keep the audience’s attention. The most popular option is the 45 second slot because you can share your message without losing the attention of the audience. 

COVID has impacted us all in many ways and has specifically forced us at Wolf Theatres to innovate. We have added a Noble Roman’s, a VR room, a hangout area, and more since COVID initially hit. This means more foot traffic for your ad that will be played in the lobby.

Also, based on our numbers, people are coming back to the theatre in a big way. Spider-Man, for example, set box office records in 2022. So again, based on the numbers, (and although we may be biased since we are the theatre), we confidently stand behind theatre ads as an effective advertising tool and still see many advertisers signing up and renewing their contracts.

We are committed to making sure you are well taken care. During the last shutdown, we extended all contracts to compensate for the time Wolf Theatres was forced to be closed.

Definitely! You can turn the graphic into a video with simple editing software (our recommended video partner can help, too) and upload that. However, a professionally-produced video has been shown to grab attention more. 

Yes! You can change out the video add 2x in a single year’s agreement. Just contact us on the contact page and we’ll take care of you.

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